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    Technical solution of aluminum alloy cable in commercial complex industry

    The concept of "commercial complex" is derived from the concept of "urban complex", but there are obvious differences between the two. Urban complex is a "city within a city" that integrates five core functions of commercial retail, business office, hotel and catering, apartment and residential, and comprehensive entertainment based on a group of buildings. It is an urban economic agglomeration with functional aggregation and intensive land. The "commercial complex" is a combination of multiple functions of the city's commercial, office, residential, hotel, exhibition, catering, conference, cultural and entertainment and other urban living spaces, and establishes a kind of interdependence and mutual benefit among various parts. The dynamic relationship between the two, thus forming a multi-functional, efficient, complex and unified complex. In short, commercial complexes are the diversification of business formats and consumer enjoyment, which can guide the upgrading and transformation of commercial real estate and form leisure commercial gathering places in cities, so they are often called "micro cities". Commercial complexes are produced out of the highly intensive needs of urban land resources. Therefore, their specific locations in the core area of ??the city and the future core area can be roughly divided into four categories: the central business district of the new development zone, Central, CBD and transportation hub areas. With the rapid development of China's economy, the pace of urbanization is gradually accelerating, facing increasingly serious new problems of the age such as land, transportation, and environment. The construction of large-scale commercial complexes can improve the appearance of the city, beautify the city, attract investors, increase the floating population, and promote the prosperity of the city. It will become an inevitable trend for the intensive development of urban resources.


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